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Building outstanding communities

Image by Ben Wicks
  • Free to early years providers

  • Build a community with your parents

  • Respect parent privacy while allowing parents to easily connect and organise playdates and parties 

  • Path to "outstanding" Ofsted ratings - build your children's friendships outside of the care setting 

Outstanding Ofsted criteria: "Children have consistently high levels of respect for others. They increasingly show high levels of confidence in social situations. They confidently demonstrate their understanding of why behaviour rules are in place and recognise the impact that their behaviour has on others.

Children are highly motivated and are very eager to join in, share and cooperate with each other. They have consistently positive attitudes to their play and learning."

What our nurseries say 

“It would be a brilliant tool for parents"

”It’s crazy to me that something like this does not exist. Especially in nursery - because children are just starting to socialise”

"An easy way for parents to organise parties without the nursery would be gold"

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