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Bedtime games

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

The eternal parental struggle - getting the kids bathed, pyjama-ed and, crucially, asleep.

Like parenting, this is really about the kids - but tell us a little something about yourself

I live in the Belgian countryside and I have run a University lab for about 15 years

How old are your kids?

17, 15 and 13. So they already quite independent but it was quite different when they were younger, especially 'til the 3rd one reached 7-8 yo.

What is your favourite parenting hack?

Gaming up some activities. For example, when 6-4-2yo, bed time was busy (and not easy to manage) the game would be: 1st one fully ready (PJ's on, clean and teeth brushed) could pick the bed time story. Of course we would subtly rig the "game" such that they would win in turn... but they learned pretty quickly how to get bed-prepared efficiently. And it was much fun "coaching" them. :-)

What do you find most difficult as a parent?

When 1 (or 2 or 3) were sick it blew up any organisation and planning we had...

What never fails to bring you joy as a parent?

That smile and sparkle in their eyes when they are really happy about something and want to show whatever is exciting them to you. :-)

a side note

These posts serve partly as therapy for me, and partly in hopes that the words will resonate with you and help build a community of parents and friends that can support each other. Take a look around the website, and join if you want to see more.

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